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The Martha C. Johnson Orphanage of Elect Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Grand Bassa County, Liberia, West Africa

The orphanage was established in April of 2003 by the Rev. Agnes Bryant Gbardoe, Deacon Arthur, and Evangelist Nellie Williams in consultation with the Elect Saints Board. The orphanage is comprised of eighteen staff members, seventy-eight orphans; forty girls and thirty-eight boys. The orphanage was started as a means of providing for the Liberian Refugees from Ghana, as
they began to return to Liberia. Most of the displaced children from Elect Saints Church in Ghana were sent back to Liberia, as it was too expensive to maintain them in Ghana.

We started with a total of ten children, and to date, we have seventy-eight (78) children ranging from ages 1 month old to14 years old. Most of the children were abandoned, so there is no accurate documentation of their actual birth dates. We eventually gave the babies birthdates of the day of their arrival at the orphanage, and the older ones would know how old they might be, but do not know their actual birthdates. Some of them are of parents who died of HIV/Aids, and the others are children who were separated from their parents during the Liberian Civil War. All of them have been tested for the HIV/Aids virus and have proved negative.

We are also developing a type of school system that will accommodate the children's educational needs, since they are so
traumatized that they learn very slowly. We are in need of the financial and material support to keep the orphanage operational. We have to pay the counselors and teachers that we hire. Housing has become a real problem, as the numbers of abandoned children remain on the rise. A donation of $20.00 per month will help feed, clothe, house, and educate a child. Please help us reach this goal.

Thank you so much for your support, and you may send your donation to:
Elect Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church:
1203 Pine Grove Road Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067

Church Office (609-882-4001)
Church Fax (609-882-4009)
Email: info@electsaintschurch.org

Or if you prefer you may make a donation ‘online’ by using our PayPal donation button below which will take you to the PayPal donation area and explain how to make your donation.

Thank you.
Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Agnes Bryant Gbardoe

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